Terms and Conditions

  • Cancellation Policy

We understand that plans can change from time to time. If you need to cancel your cruise please contact us at your earliest convenience so we can fill your reserved seats. No penalties apply for cancelling.

  • Weather Policy

Sometime the weather can interrupt our cruises. Rain and Strong wind will make it difficult to do our cruise. In the case of extreme weather we will negotiate with you to find another date do complete the cruises. We will have to cancel a cruise if the wind speed is at 40kph or faster. On extremely hot days we will negotiate with you so that you are still comfortable while cruising.

  • Behaviour Policy

We strive to provide a professional cruise in which everybody is valued. We respect all our clients and ask that they also give their captain the same respect in return. Although difficult, your captain may respectfully warn our clients of any misappropriate behaviors. If the inappropriate behavior continue further action will be taken to ensure that clients are properly respected.

  • Disclosure

We ask that you disclose any information with us that is necessary so that we can provide professional service. This may include but is not limited to Medical issues, limiting factors that will hinder your time cruising with us. We will try our best to minimize the impact this has on your cruise.